Making our home.

Phase 2 offering

God has been good to us, and we've done so well to be in a position to finish the building work. Now we need to consider Phase 2 of this project, furnishing it with all that we need as a church and commercial business. This includes chairs, furniture, AV/PA infrastructure, branding, internet, kitchen area, storage and more. Remember that any business use is a mission field for us, as it brings people into our space where they can find out about Redeemer. Please prayerfully consider what you can give to the next stage of this project.
Please note that we are charged a small fee on donations received through the website. Get in touch at [email protected] if you would like to give via bank transfer or cheque instead.

Phase 2 breakdown

Chairs and Auditorium Accessories: £23,500; Kitchen & Bar Area: £15,000; Furniture: £21,000; AV/PA: £50,000; Branding and Signage: £10,000; Internet and Phone: £18,000; Shelving and Storage: £4,000.