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We believe the church functions best when everyone plays their part. At Redeemer our teams provide an opportunity for everyone to use their gifts to make our Sunday gatherings a place where people encounter God and find community. You can be a part of making that happen! Our hope is that when you become part one of our teams you will feel connected into the life and vision of the church, as well as feeling enriched and encouraged in your own faith. We believe it’s a privilege to serve!

Kids & Youth.

Redeemer Kids & Youth isn’t babysitting, it’s leadership development. Our mission is to develop leaders who passionately love Jesus. Each week, we want to grow more in love with God and his church through worship, games, lessons, and of course, fun! Sign up and get involved in raising some world changers. These are the teams in this zone:
• Building Blocks (0-2 years old)
• Pathfinders (3 years - Reception)
• Adventurers (Years 1 - 3)
• Element (Years 4-6)
• Origin (Years 7-10)
• Foundry (Years 11-13)


We are hoping to see so many guests walk through our doors every Sunday morning, and we want to make them feel at home in our home. To do that, we need loads of people who are passionate about hospitality, whether that’s connecting with people at the entrances, or as part of the refreshments team - we are going to be known as a place where you are made to feel like you belong. Smile… then sign up! These are the teams in this zone:
• Connect
• Refreshments


There are so many gifts we need to make Sundays happen. Signers to help those with hearing impairments - we need you! Set-up people who want to make the place look as good as it can - we need you! Security to make sure kids are kept safe and people can relax in our space - we need you! First aiders to love and care for anyone who gets hurt - we hope we don’t need you (but we do need you!). These are the teams in this zone:
• Set-up
• Signing
• First Aid
• Security
• Sunday Manager


Got skills in videography and visuals? Want to learn how to control the sound on a Sunday to help us engage in worship? Love to sing to Jesus and think you might like to be involved in a band? Sign up and be a part of it! These are the teams in this zone:
• Audio/Visual
• Filming
• PA
• Bands


Do you have a creative streak? We need people with a good eye and great ideas to take photos for our social media and website, and help organise and run special events. These are the teams in this zone:
• Photography
• Events

Join a team.